The Inside Scoop: Peloton Instructors’ Water Bottle of Choice

Peloton instructors use a white specialized purist water bottle. This lightweight and easy-to-squeeze bottle is designed to keep the water clean and fresh.

Staying hydrated is an important part of every workout routine, and peloton instructors are no exception. The white specialized purist water bottle is a popular choice among these fitness enthusiasts because of its unique features. The bottle is lightweight and easy to squeeze, making it simple to take a quick sip during a ride.

Additionally, the purist design ensures that the water stays clean and fresh without any aftertaste. This makes it the ideal choice for high-intensity workouts like those at peloton. With its simple design and easy-to-use features, it’s no surprise that peloton instructors have chosen the specialized purist bottle for their workouts.

The Inside Scoop: Peloton Instructors' Water Bottle of Choice


Criteria For A Water Bottle For Peloton Instructors

Peloton instructors know the importance of hydration during indoor cycling workouts, and they need a water bottle that meets specific criteria. When choosing a water bottle, these are the most important factors they consider:

  • Leak-proof – peloton instructors need a water bottle that won’t leak during an intense workout, resulting in unwanted moisture on their workout clothes or equipment.
  • Easy to drink from – the water bottle should be easy to use, with a nozzle or straw that allows them to drink with minimal interruption to their workout rhythm.
  • Easy to handle – the water bottle should be easy to hold and grip, preferably one that can be held with one hand, allowing the other hand to remain on the bike’s handlebars.

Peloton instructors often recommend the following water bottles that meet their criteria:

  • Camelbak podium chill water bottle – this water bottle is leak-proof, has an easy-to-use jet valve, and fits most bike bottle holders. Its double-walled construction keeps the water cold for a longer time.
  • Hydro flask water bottle – this water bottle is made of insulated stainless steel, is sweat-proof, and has a leak-proof cap. It keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours or hot up to 12 hours.
  • Polar bottle insulated water bottle – made in the usa, this water bottle has a double-wall construction and a reflective insulation layer to keep the water cold. Its zipstream high flow cap delivers a high water flow without sloshing or spilling.

Water is crucial for any workout, and indoor cycling is no different. Peloton instructors need a water bottle that meets their standards and allows them to stay hydrated during their intense workouts. A leak-proof, easy-to-drink-from, and easy-to-handle water bottle is essential to keep them focused on their ride, and these three recommended water bottles are up to the task.

Top Water Bottles For Peloton Instructors

Peloton instructors are some of the finest, working tirelessly to provide unmatched workouts to their followers. To stay hydrated during these grueling sessions, it is important to use a water bottle that can keep pace and fulfill essential requirements. This blog post highlights the top water bottles for peloton instructors that are recommended by the instructors themselves.

Essential Features Of A Water Bottle For Peloton Instructors That We Must Consider:

  • Leak-proof and easy-to-drink from
  • Adequate capacity for long workouts
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Bpa-free and eco-friendly
  • Durable and long-lasting

Brands That Peloton Instructors Use And Recommend Like Camelbak, Hydrapak, And Nalgene:

  • Camelbak: Known for producing durable and leak-proof bottles with a secure lockout valve.
  • Hydrapak: Known for manufacturing collapsible and light-weight bottles.
  • Nalgene: Known for producing eco-friendly and easy-to-clean bottles that are perfect for on-the-go workouts.

The Specific Model That Peloton Instructors Prefer To Use And Why:

The camelbak podium water bottle has emerged as the popular choice of peloton instructor. This bpa-free bottle is designed with a secure lockout valve that is easy to use and prevents leaks. The bottle’s self-sealing jet valve provides a steady flow of water without any fuss, making it perfect for intense workouts.

The flexible design of the bottle means that it fits easily into bike cages and backpacks, making it easy to carry.

Description Of The Camelbak Podium Water Bottle:

  • Made with bpa-free materials
  • Self-sealing jet valve that eliminates splatters and spills
  • Secure lockout valve to ensure leak-proof performance
  • Lightweight, easy-to-carry design
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Features Of Camelbak Podium:

  • Capacity: 21 oz.
  • Made from trutaste polypropylene and hydroguard
  • Self-sealing jet valve cap allows for a high flow rate and prevents spills.
  • Removable nozzle lets you clean everything easily.

Reviews From Peloton Instructors Who Use Camelbak Podium:

  • “i love this bottle! It’s easy to drink from, doesn’t leak, and it’s been durable so far.” – jen, peloton instructor
  • “this bottle is perfect for high-intensity workouts! It doesn’t spill or leak, making it perfect for my hectic sessions.” – alex, peloton instructor

Description Of The Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle:

  • Made with lightweight tpu material
  • Comes with a flexible bail handle and carry loop for easy transportation
  • Collapsible design makes it convenient to store and transport
  • Comes with a twist-locking cap that ensures leak-free performance

Features Of Hydrapak Stash:

  • Capacity: 17 oz.
  • Made from thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu)
  • Collapsible design makes it easy to store and carry
  • Comes with a handle that makes it easy to transport
  • Comes with a locking-twist cap to prevent leaks

Reviews From Peloton Instructors Who Use Hydrapak Stash:

  • “this bottle is so light and easy to carry. I love how it collapses, making it perfect for busy instructors who are always on the move.” – olivia, peloton instructor
  • “the lid locks with an easy twist, preventing leaks and spills. It’s the perfect size, so i’m never worried about running out of water during a workout.” – melissa, peloton instructor

Description Of The Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle:

  • Made with eastman tritan copolyester material
  • Large mouth opening for easy filling and drinking
  • Resistant to stains and odors
  • Dishwasher safe making it easy to clean

Features Of Nalgene Wide Mouth:

  • Capacity: 32 oz.
  • Made from tritan copolyester
  • Large mouth opening makes it easy to fill and drink
  • Durable and resistant to stains and odors
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Reviews From Peloton Instructors Who Use Nalgene Wide Mouth:

  • “i love this water bottle because it’s a perfect size and the large opening makes it easy to fill and drink. It’s also easy to clean!” – jessica, peloton instructor
  • “this bottle is the perfect size and very durable. I have dropped it several times, and it hasn’t cracked or broken.” – eric, peloton instructor

Peloton instructors rely on leak-proof and easy to drink from water bottles during their rigorous sessions. Camelbak, hydrapak, and nalgene are the preferred brands, with models such as the camelbak podium, hydrapak stash, and nalgene wide mouth fulfilling all the necessary requirements of peloton instructors.

These bottles are lightweight, durable, easy to clean, eco-friendly, and functional. Choose the right one for your workout and stay hydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions For What Water Bottle Do Peloton Instructors Use

What Type Of Water Bottle Do Peloton Instructors Use?

Peloton instructors use the 24 oz camelbak podium® water bottle.

Why Do Peloton Instructors Use Camelbak Water Bottles?

Camelbak water bottles are easy to use and prevent spills while cycling.

Are Camelbak Water Bottles Bpa-Free?

Yes, camelbak water bottles are bpa-free and made with food-grade materials.

Can I Purchase The Same Water Bottle As Peloton Instructors?

Yes, you can purchase the same camelbak podium® water bottle on their website or amazon.


As you have seen, peloton instructors are not very picky with their water bottles, and they use a wide variety of brands and models. What they all have in common is their focus on hydration, which is essential for optimal athletic performance and general health.

When choosing a water bottle, keep in mind your personal preferences and workout goals, as well as the features that matter most to you, such as portability, durability, spout design, and insulation. With so many options available, it should not be difficult to find a water bottle that suits your needs and style.

Whether you prefer a classic design or a trendy color, a large or a small size, a plastic or a metal material, a peloton-inspired or a custom print, drinking water during your peloton sessions should be a pleasure, not a chore.

Stay hydrated and happy pedaling!

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