What Do Pro Cyclists Wear : Unveiling the Secret Gear

Pro cyclists wear specialized kits consisting of a cycling jersey, shorts, shoes, and helmet. These garments are tailored to provide maximum aerodynamics, comfort, and protection during long races and training rides.

Pro cyclists are highly skilled athletes who require top-notch cycling gear to perform their best. From head to toe, their clothing and protective gear are designed to maximize their efficiency, comfort, and safety while riding. In this article, we will take a closer look at what pro cyclists wear during races and training rides.

We will explore the various components of their cycling kit and discuss the benefits of specialized cycling apparel for competitive cycling. So, let’s get started!

What Do Pro Cyclists Wear  : Unveiling the Secret Gear

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The Ultimate Pro Cyclist Kit

What Do Pro Cyclists Wear: The Ultimate Pro Cyclist Kit

As a beginner cyclist, you probably assume that wearing a helmet and a comfortable pair of shorts is all it takes to join the pack. But if you’re an aspiring pro cyclist, you’re aware that choosing the right cycling outfit requires a lot more than that.

Pro cyclists wear specialized gear that’s created to enhance their performance and make long rides as comfortable as possible. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the ultimate pro cyclist kit and reveal why aerodynamics and comfort are vital when choosing professional gear.

A Sneak Peek Into The Pro Cyclist Wardrobe: Clothing And Accessories

  • Cycling jerseys are a staple in a pro cyclist’s wardrobe. They are made from moisture-wicking materials to keep the rider dry, and they have a slim fit to reduce drag.
  • Cycling shorts are designed to provide cushioning and support, especially for long rides. Pro cyclists wear shorts that are form-fitting to maximize aerodynamics.
  • Cycling socks are created to offer breathability and attach well to the feet to avert slipping and friction.
  • A good pair of cycling shoes with stiff soles enables more efficient pedaling and increases power transfer. They come with clipless pedals that help cyclists produce more energy.
  • Aerodynamic helmets with long tails are popular among pro cyclists because they reduce drag and increase speed. They’re made from lightweight materials that keep riders cool while providing protection.
  • Gloves provide cushioning on the handlebars, reduce road vibration, and offer hand protection in case of a fall.
  • Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses to suit various lighting conditions are critical. They preserve the eyes from insects, uv rays, and wind.

Why Aerodynamics Rule When Choosing Professional Gear

Aerodynamics plays a significant role when it comes to professional cycling. In fact, pro cyclists’ gear is designed to make them as aerodynamic as possible because wind resistance is among the most significant obstacles to their performance. Here’s why aerodynamics is crucial when choosing professional gear:

  • Cycling jerseys and shorts are made from specialized fabrics that minimize wind resistance and reduce drag.
  • Aerodynamic helmets reduce frontal profile and increase the rider’s speed.
  • Cycling shoes with a more streamlined profile enhance the efficiency of pedaling and reduce turbulence.
  • Sunglasses with sleek designs prevent airflow disruption and improve a cyclist’s vision.

The Importance Of Comfort And Breathability In Long Rides

Apart from aerodynamics, comfort and breathability are vital when selecting cycling apparel. Pro cyclists can spend hours on the bike, so their outfits must be comfortable enough to reduce fatigue and pressure points. Here are some reasons why comfort matters as much as aerodynamics:

  • Cycling jerseys, shorts, and socks are designed using moisture-wicking fabrics that keep riders dry and boost comfort levels during rides.
  • Cycling shoes with stiff soles reduce pressure points and minimize fatigue during long rides.
  • Gloves with cushioning absorb shock and reduce numbness in the hands.
  • Breathable helmets reduce heat buildup and sweat accumulation on the rider’s head.

Cycling gear plays a significant role in a pro cyclist’s performance, and choosing the right equipment can make a significant difference between winning and losing. Investing in top-quality gear that’s aerodynamic, comfortable, and breathable is essential to achieve optimal performance, stay comfortable during long rides, and reduce the risk of injuries.

So, if you’re ready to join the peloton, ensure you have the right gear to reap the rewards of cycling.

The Pro Cyclist Shoe Game

One of the most critical choices a professional cyclist makes is choosing the right shoes. The right shoes help in delivering better performance, reducing the risk of injury, and increasing comfort during long rides. So, what goes into a good pair of pro cyclist shoes?

Let’s find out!

Clipless Vs. Flat Pedals: Which Is The Standard For Professional Cycling?

Before we dive into the essential features of a good pro cyclist shoe, let’s take a minute to understand the two types of pedals used in professional cycling.

Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals are by far the most common type of pedals used by professional cyclists. They are composed of a cleat that attaches to the shoe’s sole and locks onto a matching mechanism on the pedal. It allows better control of the bike and creates a more fluid pedaling stroke.

Pros of clipless pedals:

  • Improved power transfer
  • Better control over the bike
  • Fewer chances of slipping or foot repositioning.

Cons of clipless pedals:

  • A steeper learning curve
  • A higher cost
  • Requires special shoes.

Flat Pedals

Flat pedals, on the other hand, are simpler and more affordable. They feature a flat surface that allows the rider to use any kind of shoe. Flat pedals are common among mountain bikers and bmx riders.

Pros of flat pedals:

  • Lower cost
  • Can be used with any shoe
  • Easier to learn.

Cons of flat pedals:

  • Limited control on the bike
  • Requires more effort to keep the foot in place.
  • Slippage is common.

Essential Features Of A Pro Cyclist Shoe

Now that we know the two types of pedals commonly used in professional cycling let’s look at some critical features that a good pro cyclist shoe should have.


Professional cycling shoes must be stiff to ensure that maximum energy is transferred from the foot to the pedal. The stiffness allows for better power transfer, making every pedal stroke count.


Cycling shoes should have perforations or mesh panels that help with breathability and moisture transfer, keeping the feet cool and dry. This feature is crucial in long-distance races, as cycling shoes can get hot and sweaty.

Fit And Comfort

A properly fitting cycling shoe should be snug enough to prevent slipping but not so tight that it causes discomfort. A comfortable shoe eliminates hot spots and reduces the chances of injuries.

Top Picks For Best Pro Cyclist Shoes In The Market

There are various cycling shoes available in the market, each with its unique features. Here are some of the most popular pro cyclist shoes you can find.

S-Works 7 From Specialized

  • Powerline carbon sole for maximum efficiency
  • Dynohair technology that adapts to different foot shapes.
  • Dual boa dials for adjustability and a perfect fit

Giro Empire Slx

  • Ultralight easton ec90 carbon fiber outsole
  • Supernatural fit footbed for a comfortable and customizable fit
  • Classic lace-up design for a sleek look.

Shimano S-Phyre Rc902

  • Dual micro-adjustable boa dials for a custom fit
  • Heat-moldable upper for a precise fit
  • Carbon sole for stiffness and power transfer.

Pro cyclist shoes should be selected according to the rider’s preference, terrain, and riding style. Finding the perfect shoe that matches your requirements is crucial for achieving better performance.

Gearing Up: The Pro Cyclist’S Secret Weapons

What do pro cyclists wear? It’s a question that’s often asked by those curious about the world of cycling. One thing’s for sure: competitive cyclists take cycling gear seriously. From helmets to shoes and everything in-between, every gear choice is made meticulously.

But what are the secret weapons of pro cyclists? Let’s decode the ideal pro cyclist bike by understanding gears, derailleurs, and groupsets. We’ll also unveil the secret to choosing the right pro cyclist gear ratio.

Decoding The Ideal Pro Cyclist Bike

Every pro cyclist is different, and so is their bike. Here are some of the key components that make up the ideal pro cyclist bike:

  • Frame: Most pro cyclists favor carbon fiber frames for their lightweight and stiffness. The frame’s geometry also plays a crucial role in the bike’s handling and performance. They are also custom made to fit the cyclist perfectly.
  • Wheels: Carbon fiber wheels are also the go-to choice for pro cyclists. They are incredibly lightweight and offer a smooth ride. The shape of the rim also plays a role in aerodynamics and handling.
  • Handlebars: Handlebars come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the rider’s preference. Drop bars are the most common type among pro cyclists as they offer multiple hand positions, promoting comfort and control.
  • Saddle: A comfortable saddle is essential for long rides. Pro cyclists often have customized saddles that are shaped to fit their sit bones.
  • Pedals: Pedals come in different styles, but clipless pedals are the preference of most pro cyclists. This type of pedal maximizes power transfer and promotes control.

Understanding Gears, Derailleurs, And Groupsets

Gears, derailleurs, and groupsets may seem complicated, but they are essential for any cyclist who wants to go fast. Here are some key points to understand:

  • Gears: Gears are what allow cyclists to climb hills and ride faster on flat roads. Pro cyclists utilize as many as 22 gears, covering a wide range of terrain.
  • Derailleurs: Derailleurs are the components that allow the chain to move from one gear to another. They are essential for smooth shifting.
  • Groupsets: Groupsets are a collection of components that make up the bike’s drivetrain. They include the chainset, shifters, front derailleur, rear derailleur, cassette, and chain. The groupset determines the bike’s performance and price point.

The Secret To Choosing The Right Pro Cyclist Gear Ratio

Gearing ratio is an essential consideration that affects cycling pace. Here’s the secret to choosing the right pro cyclist gear ratio:

  • Adjust to terrain: Pro cyclists need to optimize their gear ratio for the terrain they’re riding on. On steeper inclines, a lower gear ratio is ideal to provide more torque for climbing.
  • Know your cadence: Cadence refers to the number of pedal revolutions per minute. Pro cyclists have a preferred cadence for optimal performance. A higher gear ratio allows for a faster cadence, while a lower ratio is good for slower cadence.
  • Keep it simple: Pro cyclists choose to stick to simpler gear ratios to minimize the complexity and potential of complications during a race.

Pro cyclists heavily rely on specific gearing and bike components to help them achieve ideal speed and performance. From frames to gear ratios, every detail is carefully selected to help them become the best. Cycling enthusiasts should take inspiration from pro cyclists and fine-tune their equipment to optimize their rides.

Maintaining The Pro Cyclist Look And Performance

Pro cyclists are some of the fittest and most stylish athletes in the world. They need to have comfortable and high-performance clothing to ensure that they can ride hard and stay focused. However, maintaining a pro cyclist look and performance can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what products to use, how to clean them, and how to store them properly.

We’ll cover the essential tips and top brands to help keep you looking and performing like a pro cyclist.

Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Pro Cyclist Clothing And Accessories

Cycling clothing can get dirty and smelly pretty quickly, especially after a long and sweaty ride. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your cycling gear can help prolong its lifespan and keep it looking great. Here are some tips:

  • Always check the care labels on your cycling clothing and accessories before washing them. Some fabrics may require special handling or washing.
  • Wash your cycling clothing in cold water to prevent shrinkage and color fading. Use a gentle cycle with mild detergent and avoid using fabric softeners.
  • Do not tumble dry your cycling clothing. Instead, air-dry them by hanging them up in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.
  • Use a specialized cleaner for your cycling shoes to remove dirt and grime. Don’t forget to clean the soles as well.
  • Wipe down your helmet and sunglasses regularly with a damp cloth to remove sweat and dirt.

How To Properly Store Pro Cyclist Gear

Proper storage of your cycling clothing and accessories is crucial to maintain their shape, color, and performance. Here are some tips:

  • Always store your cycling clothing and accessories in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. Avoid storing them in a damp, humid, or hot place.
  • Hang your cycling clothing on hangers rather than folding them to prevent creases and wrinkles.
  • Keep your cycling shoes in a dry and cool place. Store them in a shoe bag or box to prevent dust accumulation and deformation.
  • Store your helmet and sunglasses in a padded bag or hard case to prevent scratches and damage.

Top Pro Cyclist Brands For Quality Gear And Accessories

There are many great brands that specialize in high-performance cycling gear and accessories. Here are some of the top brands to consider:

  • Castelli: Known for their premium quality and innovative design, castelli offers a wide range of cycling apparel and accessories, from jerseys and shorts to gloves and socks.
  • Giro: Giro is a popular brand for cycling helmets, shoes, and sunglasses. They focus on performance, comfort, and safety, and their products often receive high ratings and reviews.
  • Rapha: Rapha is a luxury brand that offers stylish and functional cycling clothing and accessories. Their products are designed to withstand tough and challenging conditions while keeping you comfortable and fashionable.
  • Shimano: Shimano is a reliable brand for cycling components, including pedals, brakes, and derailleurs. They are known for their high-quality and durable products that can improve your cycling performance and experience.

Maintaining the pro cyclist look and performance requires careful attention and effort, but with the right tips and products, it can be achievable. By following these cleaning, storage, and brand recommendations, you can upgrade your cycling performance and style to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Do Pro Cyclists Wear

What Are The Most Common Fabrics Used For Pro Cycling Clothes?

Pro cycling clothes are usually made from moisture-wicking, breathable, and stretchy materials like polyester, spandex, and nylon.

How Do Pro Cyclists Protect Themselves From The Sun?

Pro cyclists use sunscreen, arm sleeves, and leg sleeves to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful uv rays.

Do Pro Cyclists Wear Anything Under Their Cycling Shorts?

Pro cyclists wear padded cycling shorts without underwear to reduce friction and prevent chafing.

What Is The Best Type Of Shoes For Pro Cyclists?

Pro cyclists wear stiff-soled cycling shoes with cleats for efficient power transfer and improved pedaling technique.


Cycling enthusiasts understand the importance of wearing the right gear when it comes to enhancing performance on the road. Professional cyclists are known for sporting specialized clothing and accessories that can provide both comfort and protection while racing. From helmets to jerseys and bib shorts, these athletes spare no expenses when it comes to gearing up for their physically demanding sport.

A cyclist’s clothing can impact their performance, and for this reason, it is essential that pros wear the right attire to stay at the top of their game. Factors such as weight, material quality, and aerodynamics must all be considered when selecting gear for racing.

In addition to enhancing performance, pro cycling gear is also designed to promote safety, with features such as reflective materials, padding, and ventilation. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or a beginner, choosing the right gear is crucial to achieving your goals and unlocking your full potential on the bike.

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